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What are Mad Man Ideologies that don’t let a human to the righteous path?


The greatest treasure of all treasures in this world is Hidayat / Righteous path / Siratal Mustaqeem or the wisdom / discretion of distinction between Right and Wrong or Haq and Batil.

The one who is blessed with this greatest blessing from ALLAH only such person can only know where he / she has to reach and what’s his / her destination.

The shytan has trapped humans with his malicious comb webs that he doesn’t let humans to think about the righteous path and Nafs also becomes so habitual of repeatedly committing sins that it doesn’t accept the light of religion easily and prefers to live the life of ignorance wilfully.

If we don’t start thinking about a necessary change right now towards Siratal Mustaqeem, it’ll will be difficult for us to bring ourselves back on right track so it’s better to think and act now.

The real problem is with us is that we don’t want to submit our mind to ALLAH completely and human mind always keep searching for alternatives all the time so that to please ALLAH and not to displease this world and Nafs as well.

What are Mad Man Ideologies that don’t let a human to the righteous path?

Shytan is mastermind of all deceptions, he holds thousands of PHD degrees of deceptive techniques and he is an openly declared enemy of human beings. Shytan has developed countless methods to misguide and destroy human mind sets or deviate humans from the path of righteousness and Siratal Mustaqeem.

Out of those deceptive techniques of iblis, few of them are being discussed below.

1.       Passionism: Introduced by Western World that Human should always get involved in some nearly impossible and adventurous tasks after tasks. Always give them new tasks to complete so that they start thinking the feeling of momentary completeness and satisfaction. And that’s why extreme sports came into existence such as Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Rock Climbing, Cliff Jumping, Big wave surfing, Volcano Boarding etc. Just because to develop a spirit that you have completed an impossible task and you are capable and you have developed a confidence and to make you realised that the solution of your problems exist in this world itself so complete next to impossible task, you’ll feel completeness and satisfaction. So that you get so busy in such activities that human should forget to question of his / her existence in this world. Of course ALLAH instilled beauty and attraction in this world. ALLAH says, "Ma tara fi khalqi'r-Rahmani min tafawut = (O `arif!) you will not see any difference in Rahman's creation." -  Quran 67:3. So when you connect with this world you’ll definitely see beauty and attraction all around but it is not sufficient to complete you and satisfy you. That’s why when a human feels some sorrows, fragile thoughts or gets bored or human starts feeling saturated then that time human starts developing a feeling of void or feeling of vaccum. After that human starts questioning about his/ her existence, why does he/she exist? So basically ALLAH has put the system of sorrows and griefs in this world that human should question about his/ her existence and final destination. That is the right time for a human to critically analyse his / her life that if I’m not getting the peace after reaching where currently I’m then so finally where does the peace exist? So when reasoning and rationality starts in human minds then human tries to complete and satisfy his / her inner curiosity / vacuum feeling by following passions / extreme sports / impossible tasks developed by shytan /western world rather than following the path of Siratal Mustaqeem, the path of ALLAH, the path of Islam.

2.       Compassionism: Since shytan is master in deceptive techniques, he has prepared numerous alternatives for humans to mislead. Suppose if someone is unable to follow his / her passions then such person can be involved in super natural activities or so called higher purpose of life, service of humans and service of animals / pets, charity activities or philanthropies because after all it is considered as humanity and a form of prayer but shytan beautifully makes it viable to understand humans to exclude ALLAH. Means shytan will convince to make humans to do follow the path of compassion but without following ALLAH. However ALLAH commands all humans to be involved in compassion actively and primarily and made it a foundation principle of Islam in the form of Zakat. That’s why many times you’ll see some muslim name bearing individual doing charity activities without associating with Islam. You can find peace in this world only if you put ALLAH in account otherwise you can’t get peace in any activities.

3.       Tranquilism: This is the point which prevents humans to come on the path of righteousness / Siratal Mustaqeem and when a human has tried above both points and still cannot find the peace and satisfaction and it’s impossible to get peace obviously. Shytan has developed another trap for such people. When a person is sad because of sorrows of the world, betrays, defeated, dejected and loneliness so that the next move is that such people may try alcoholism, drugs and many other dangerous substances to feel completeness and happiness. Because when such person was just starting to think about his/her existence, shifted to the path of destruction misguided by satanic path. So most of the time a good number of people when they can’t get chill and thrill, they adopt such methods.

4.       Virtual Reality: The fourth perspective shytan has prepared for humans which prevent them to connect with ALLAH. Shytan has weaved web for humans if they are lonely, betrayed, sad and can’t find good people, didn’t get love from people, didn’t find peace in compassion or passionism in this world so a brand news virtual world is there. So in the name of virtual reality, virtual games exist, metaverse is there, dating apps are there, social media platforms exist. Shytan develops a feeling that the things you couldn’t achieve in real world, you can achieve in this virtual world which actually doesn’t exist. And this perspective is utterly false and destructive because when ALLAH sent us all in this world then we have to complete in this real world itself, we have to search ALLAH and complete ourselves.

5.       Expressionism: The fifth perspective shytan has developed through his allies which doesn’t let humans to walk through the righteous path or Haq. If you are really sad, bad experiences and tired of betrayals in this world then express yourself through music, movies, drama or realty shows. Humans start developing the feeling of momentary relief of all worries through this industry and they want to connect themselves with this industry and make it the purpose of their lives. To bring the diversity and to bring the differences in human lives shytan works a lot and brings too many alternatives before humans to choose any of those options. So expressionism is just one of them. This is just an alternative to stop human thinking with reasoning and rationality which can make change in his / her life. When this perspective doesn’t work and human doesn’t get anything, several other options are also there.

6.       Revenge / Jealousy: When Human doesn’t find the peace in any of perspectives, person starts feeling happiness in taking revenge, vendetta or jealousy. A large number people now a days feel happiness in destroying people’s lives and they find peace and satisfaction in these acts. Its shytan’s attributes which humans embrace, they make it purpose of their lives and obviously they get destroyed themselves at the end.

7.       Arrogance / Show off: Shytan has created one more perspective when people start thinking that they are incomplete in this world and they are unable to find peace and happiness, they develop such a feeling that complete yourself in such a manner that you always have superiority complex and show off your arrogance so that people would start respecting you. Many people will make different types of arrogances a purpose of their lives so that they can achieve which they still didn’t achieve. And shytan seems successful in his endeavours to misguide people.

8.       Depression: When none of the perspective can’t work for a human then shytan pushes a human towards depression and develop a feeling of hopelessness and isolation if a person is unable to fit anywhere. Shytan is main reason of depression which actually wants to tell a human that his/her existence doesn’t matter and there is no scope for such human, there is no solution of such a life. That’s why a large section of society has lost its productivity due to its hopelessness and depression.

9.       Join shytan’ s club / army: When a person is luckily escaped from the depression then shytan invites to join his people / clubs with the perceptions such as liberalism, communism, socialism, feminism, a feeling to challenge the authority of Islam and a push towards the anti-islamic drive. Shytan has prepared such groups with lucrative names in the western world which advocate for the so called human service, tolerance, human rights and woman empowerment. But the conclusion remains unchanged derived by satanic agenda against Islam. Once a person joins such groups, life is dramatically changed and distance between ALLAH and Human widens to such an extent that human is completely doomed in the end however until that time it would have been too late.

10.   When shytan thinks a person is smartly avoiding himself / herself from above given perspectives then shytan give them idea of self-destruction and develops the feeling that such person gets peace when he/she gets pain. Such person thinks that he/she doesn’t enjoy others’ lives, he starts developing the feeling of happiness to see his/her life ruined, a sadistic emotion for themselves. Such people find peace to exploit their past griefs, problems, sorrows and failures. So you will find such people in good numbers who just want themselves to be destroyed and they love this act.

11.   Suicidal Thoughts: When a person is escaped all of the above perspectives then shytan sparks the suicidal thoughts that you are not fit in this world and not made for this world so better finish yourself and many good people of this world have been trapped in this perspective and ended their lives. People start developing thoughts of Darwinism that there is no any beginning and ending of this life so better end this life, shytan pushes and generated such thoughts to destroy a human. So this is the most dangerous trap of shytan which stops a human completely to come to the path of righteousness, success, peace and happiness.



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